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Droid Incredible Docking Station

Not a whole lot of options exist for us DInc users when it comes to docking stations. We originally heard that one was going to be released but then HTCPedia pulls it off of their site that it did not pass inspections.


Well as time passed, another dock came to be, and my amazing wife got me one for Christmas! 😀


I have to say, I love this thing! My DInc fits in the cut out perfectly. It charges very nicely as well. The only thing that I wish it would do was force the phone in to Dock Mode. Googling a way to do this has brought me no results. So if anyone out there reading this, know how, please reply. 🙂


Possibly one of my favorite things about this dock is that the speaker on the back of the phone reflects sound to the front of the phone perfectly. It sounds great when I’m listening to Slacker Radio.


Here is where you can purchase this dock. Enjoy!