About Me

I’ve been using Android for less than a year now. I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but for the large majority of my experiences, they have been ups. I really find that the challenges that I’ve faced, have been fun for me. Fixing the issues has allowed me to grow my knowledge of how Android  truly runs. It’s given me a new perspective and a new-found desire to learn more.

How did I get in to Android?

I am a former Windows Mobile user, specifically Windows Mobile 6.  I had never had a smart phone before that experience, in fact I only had one phone before that which even had a QWERTY keyboard on it. I decided to take the plunge to a smart phone because of my wife really. She’s deaf and uses Video Relay Services to make phone calls. The great thing about that service is that she can service videomail (voicemail) to her email. However, the files were in WMV format and her Sidekick could not open them. So we got her a Motorola q9C, got one for me too. 😉

This was a good phone for a short time. Much like the Windows operating system for computers, it starts out great and then slowly starts having issues. It eventually go tot a point in which using her phone was more of a nuisance than a joy. It was time for a change.

I started researching other phones and was heavily looking towards getting us iPhones. However, I was not a big fan of how closed it was, and I didn’t want to switch carriers (I have a good thing going with Verizon). Then Android came about. I started looking in to this quite heavily.  It became difficult to choose which phone I really wanted to have and almost changed carriers. Then the HTC DROID Incredible came out. I was sold.

My Wife…the Android user

Much like myself, my wife was in need of a new phone.  However, her needs were slightly different from mine. She wanted a physical keyboard while I hate them. The Motorola DROID was the perfect fit for her. With the great deals that Verizon offers, we were able to get her a phone and me a phone at two for the price of one. 🙂


This blog is where I will share my experiences with Android, mainly the HTC DROID Incredible & Motorola DROID. I will do my best to try and share with readers the solutions that I’ve discovered along the way, and great little tips & tricks. Hopefully some things that are seen here will be useful to someone.



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