How To | Android Phone 7 Icons in Gimp

As you may have seen previously, the Android Phone 7 theme is a popular choice of theme for the Android operating system. The Android Phone 7 post mostly talked about using Photoshop, but not everyone has Photoshop. Gimp is a great alternative and will do everything you need and more!

Since some people have asked how I used Gimp to make my icons, I’ve decided to put together this little tutorial.

Step 1: Locate a picture to use
For this particular tutorial, I will be creating an Angry Birds icon.

Step 2: Open your new picture

Click to Enlarge

Step 3: Choose the Rectangle Select Tool


Click to Enlarge



Step 4: Change the selection size to 230×125 (2×1 Icon)


Click to Enlarge



Step 5: Move the Selection box to the desired location for the icon and Crop to Selection


Click to Enlarge



Step 6: Right click under the Background layer and create a New Layer that is 230×40 using the default Foreground Color (Black)


Click to Enlarge



Step 7: Move the new layer to the bottom of the icon and drop the Opacity to 40%


Click to Enlarge



Step 8: Select Text Tool. Size 36. Color White. Click on the opaque layer and type in the name of the App. Be sure to set the positioning correctly.


Click to Enlarge



Step 9: Save the new icon and use it


Click to Enlarge




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