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As you all may have recently been reading, one of my newest toys is my HTC DROID Incredible. Well, as with any other Linux users, I want to find ways to customize my phone to fit my specifications. That means downloading tons of applications, tweaking the themes, and finding as many games as possible. 😉

Another thing that I love about having an Android device is that I can really stay connected. By connected, I don’t mean HTC’s idea of “connected” (Social), I mean connected to my things. I have several programs that sync with my Ubuntu box and all of them are used for different reasons. One for SSH, one for VNC, one for streaming music, etc…

One of the newest programs that I’ve discovered will allow me to sync to Ubuntu in a different way. More specifically, it connects to my Ubuntu One account. That’s right, Ubuntu One. A user on the Ubuntu Forums, mkarnicki, seems to have seen fit to take it upon himself (Approved by Ubuntu) to create an Android application that would sync an Android phone with a user’s U1 account.

Enter AndroidU1. 🙂

AndroidU1 is nowhere near being a completed application, but the creator has taken some huge strides in a very short amount of time. It has great potential to be a really awesome application, and integrate really well with users accounts. I also have it on good authority and in the next day or two, there will be a huge update.

It’s worked well thus far, but has crashed once. Although, that’s to be expected of a program still in Beta a pre-Alpha release, it’s a developer version. For those of you who want more information about the program or want to try it out, here is more information:

AndroidU1 Blog Page:
Wiki Page:
Launchpad Page:
Launchpad Team Page (+mailing list):