LauncherPro Updated, Adds Slick Transistion Effects

LauncherPro users may have noticed today that there was an update available for all to use. While it’s not the full-blown overhaul that Federico has talked about, it does sport some really slick new Transition Effect for switching between homescreens. To change your homescreen transitions you will need to navigate to:

Menu -> Preferences -> Homescreen Settings -> Transition Effect

Here you will see the following five options:

  • None (Default)
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Flip (my personal favorite)
  • Cube

Check out the video below to see them in action. Let me warn you, the video was taken using a screencast tool while connected to my phone using DroidVNC Server. I assure you, the transitions are much more smooth than what you see here.


Skyraider Athena 1.2 [Sense(less)/CM6]


This is the ROM that I’m currently using. If you have an Incredible, I highly suggest testing it out. It’s rather amazing what the creator has done. Click here to be directed to more information about Skyraider Athena.

Honeycomb…Way Better Than Cereal

So, I watched the Verizon keynote from CES 2011. You know the one, where they demo a Motorola XOOM running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). It’s hard for me to list all of the things that I loved about what I saw, but there are plenty.


For example, I’m loving the completely redesigned home screen. The 3D effects were quite nice. I’m also loving the enhanced interactive widgets. But most of all, I love the video calling on the nice big screen.


I could bore you with more, but it might be better for you to just watch this:

Rogue Developer Steals Iron Soldiers Beta Game, Publishes To Market

This is a repost from, done so to help spread to the word regarding this incident.

Take notice, good-willed developers. One popular method to perfect a beta app before going live to Android Market is to offer it as a direct download to a small group who can test it, submit bugs, suggest changes, and overall provide a tight-knit system for feedback. That’s exactly what cyberniko on XDA intended to accomplish with the beta launch of a game called Iron Soldiers. But he got more than he bargained for.

Another member of XDA allegedly downloaded the unsigned APK, signed it himself, and submitted to Android Market as if it were his own game. Essentially, he released the developers game as his own, before the game ever came out of beta. If it’s true… what a sham and what a shame.

The offending developer, DavinciDevelopers, unpublished the allegedly stolen game from Android Market, but their information is still cached on the Googlewebz. That developer has a number of titles for sale on Android Market, and I would suggest (if this is all true) that nobody purchase a title from them. Other forms of boycott may include buying, rating 1 star, uninstalling, a returning to Android Market with whatever reason you may choose.

The game is still in beta and you can download it here. Check out the REAL developer’s site at The game looks pretty neat and the 6-months of work really shows- Iron Soliders seems very polished. Perhaps an unfortunate incident will lead to more fertile pastures… I know I’m eager to check out more from Vuxia after seeing some screenies and hearing some concepts.

Learn from another developer’s mistakes if you’re working on your own app or game. Sure, launch a beta in a forum to help the dev process along, but make sure you protect your APK and cover your butt by whatever means necessary.

I just want to leave a little disclaimer that the accusation of stolen property haven’t been confirmed as true/false and I’m going by what the developer announced in their own thread on XDA as it seems to be a reputable report.




UPDATE: It gets worse than just this app.

Droid Incredible Docking Station

Not a whole lot of options exist for us DInc users when it comes to docking stations. We originally heard that one was going to be released but then HTCPedia pulls it off of their site that it did not pass inspections.


Well as time passed, another dock came to be, and my amazing wife got me one for Christmas! 😀


I have to say, I love this thing! My DInc fits in the cut out perfectly. It charges very nicely as well. The only thing that I wish it would do was force the phone in to Dock Mode. Googling a way to do this has brought me no results. So if anyone out there reading this, know how, please reply. 🙂


Possibly one of my favorite things about this dock is that the speaker on the back of the phone reflects sound to the front of the phone perfectly. It sounds great when I’m listening to Slacker Radio.


Here is where you can purchase this dock. Enjoy!


More Powerful Than A Speeding Bullet…Seriously

If you were not already convinced of the Incredible nature of the HTC DROID Incredible, then this may help. A man working as a Valet for an Atlanta night club survived being shot to death because of his Droid Incredible. Check out the video below and then admit it…this phone has super powers. 😉

ADWLauncher EX

Android: Open source alternative home screen launcher ADWLauncher is one of my favorite home screen replacements on Android, and the developers have just released a premium version with tons of new animations, tweaks, and a desktop preset feature.

ADWLauncher was already a great app for those that liked to customize the look and feel of their Android phones, and ADWLauncher EX takes it even further by adding five different app drawer styles, eight different desktop transition animations, and icon customization features. It even has a few presets that let you change all these things on-the-fly. Plus, it has all the features of the original ADWLauncher, like themes and extra layout options. It also features some code improvements that noticeably increase the speed, even on older phones—even if you’re a LauncherPro fan like me, this might be one to check out.

ADWLauncher EX is a $3.30 download for Android phones. ADWLauncher is still free, and much of the underlying code of both projects will sync between the two, so you don’t need to worry about either becoming outdated yet.